John Rost

John Rost is a father, an Adventure Guru and a very successful entrepreneur.

John’s company Fiesta Auto Insurance Corporation has grown into a nationwide chain of franchises through the Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corporation.

Fiesta offers insurance, tax preparation, motor vehicle registration, wire transfers and more to the Latin American community.

John’s many successes in business pay for his very adventurous lifestyle of which is shared by his children.

John Rost travels the world quite often in search of new adventures. John has had many challenging experiences which have made him stronger and thirsty for even more action. For example, John has climbed all of the tallest mountains on every continent in the world.

John Rost started a web site to document his many adventures in order to share them with the world.

The Adventure Guy web site features a community section where other adventure enthusiasts can post their adventures as well. If you are interested in sharing your adventures with John Rost and friends, go to The Adventure Community and register, it is free.